Medical Law

PLICKA & PARTNERS provides legal services both in the field of Pharmaceutical Law and during representation of operators of medical facilities and while representing clients who are complaining in relation to medical services which were provided to them.

As for the Pharmaceutical Law, we provide our clients with legal advice in the area of:

  • classification of products and their designation;
  • communication with the State Institute for Drug Control;
  • legislation related to advertisement;
  • rules applying to relations between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers;
  • authorization to marketing activities, permissions related to the registration and distribution of drugs;
  • licensing agreements;
  • monitoring of relevant legislation, etc.


As for representation of operators of medical facilities and patients, we provide the following services in particular:

  • lawsuits demanding compensation for damage to health;
  • defense of doctors (paramedics) in criminal proceedings;
  • legal representation of doctors (paramedics) in court proceedings;
  • legal representation of patients in disputes against medical facilities;
  • monitoring of changes to relevant legislation;
  • representation of operators of medical facilities during negotiations with health insurance companies in relation to payments for provided medical care, etc.


In the field of Medical Law, PLICKA & PARTNERS cooperates with several experts in various medical areas. Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to properly assess whether the approach of the medical personnel was ‘lege artis’, i.e. in accordance with current knowledge of medical science, or with relevant professional obligations and standards.

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