Employment Law

As for the Employment Law, we represent both clients on the side of employers and employees. During provision of our legal assistance, we arrange for comprehensive services with emphasis on compliance of our clients’ legal documentation with legislation in the areas of Employment Law and Social Security Law. Furthermore, we assist our clients also during employment-law organizational alterations.

In the area of Employment Law, our law office provides these legal services in particular:

  • compliance with legislation in the areas of social security and health insurance;
  • compilation of all types of employment-law documentation (employment agreements, agreements on work carried out outside of classical employment, notifications of unsatisfactory work performance, termination notices or agreements on termination of employment, etc.);
  • remuneration of senior employees, schemes of options in relation to shares or other special incentive bonuses for employees;
  • transfers of employees;
  • restructuration of companies;
  • protection of rights in relation to discrimination and harassment pursuant to the Anti-Discrimination Act;
  • legislation related to incapacity to work, health and safety at work;
  • working codes of conduct, internal regulations;
  • liability relations;
  • issue of non-competitive clauses and confidential information;
  • protection of know-how and trade secrets;
  • negotiations with labor unions or unions of employers;
  • representation during negotiations with employment authorities;
  • assistance with acquirement of work permits, residence permits or visas for foreign workers conducting working activities in the Czech Republic;
  • representation in employment disputes both on the side of employers and employees;
  • assessment of validity of employment terminations in the form of notices of termination or immediate terminations including representation in disputes related to such situations (invalid termination of employment, entitlement to redundancy payments, and any related claims, non-competition clauses, etc.);
  • resolution of consequences arising from work accidents and occupational diseases.
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