Corporate Law and Commercial Law

Legal advice provided in the area of Commercial Law and Corporate Law represents one of the prerequisites of a properly functioning business conduct in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. PLICKA & PARTNERS offers comprehensive services in the area of establishing corporations, their management, their transformations into other forms, mergers, acquisitions or divisions of companies (including cross-border transactions), performance of detailed legal reviews of companies which our clients intend to purchase (due diligence), etc. We always focus on individual business interests and objectives of each client.

PLICKA & PARTNERS continuously follows legislative development in the area of commercial law and assesses the impact of the given changes on our clients’ business activities. Legal advice in the area of corporate law includes in particular:

  • establishment and registration of new corporations;
  • entries of corporations in the Commercial Register and provision of business licenses;
  • holding of General Meetings, acting on behalf of partners and shareholders on General Meetings; compilations of resolutions and minutes of the such General Meetings and of annual reports;
  • transformations of corporations into other forms, restructuring of corporations and dissolutions of corporations;
  • mergers (including cross-border transactions) and divisions of corporations;
  • structural management of legal relations among subjects and entities within a company groups;
  • compilation of internal corporate documents;
  • performance of legal reviews of corporations which our clients intend to acquire (due diligence), preparations and negotiations during acquisition and compilation of related contractual documentation (including the preparation of the acquisition structure);
  • acquirement of permissions of local and European Offices for Protection of Fair Trading and Competition and other regulatory authorities;
  • restructuring of corporations;
  • assurance of compliance with legislation in the area of fair trading and competition;
  • legal disputes related to activities of unfair competition and cartels.

Naturally, any business activities carried out in the Czech Republic are related to tax optimization and advisory services associated with tax structuring of transactions. PLICKA & PARTNERS further provides services in the area of Tax Law in cooperation with leading professionals in the field of taxes and bookkeeping.

As for the establishment of corporations and any changes carried out within corporations, PLICKA & PARTNERS works in partnership with first-rate notary offices which enables us to provide our clients with complex, quick and effective legal services.

PLICKA & PARTNERS, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.
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