Insolvency Law

Within the Insolvency Law, PLICKA & PARTNERS handles for its clients any pre-insolvency issues and represents its clients’ needs in the insolvency proceedings both on the side of creditors and debtors. We provide our clients with legal services and professional assistance:

with recovery of receivables on the part of a creditor via insolvency proceedings, or

by submitting an insolvency motion, regardless of the fact whether the proposed manner of resolution of the inability to pay one’s debts is bankruptcy, reorganization or debt forgiveness (the so-called private bankruptcy which – to describe a long procedure briefly and simply – enables a person to be freed of her/his unpaid debts provided that the given person pays at least 30 % of debts towards his/her unsecured creditors within the following 5 years).

As part of our services, we conduct a precise analysis of both legal and economic situation of the given subject and then offer an optimal solution.

We further provide the following services:

  • monitoring of structures with regard to ownership, personal and obligation relations and their analysis;
  • assessment of the most suitable manner to proceed during the handling of a complicated economic situation from both the points of debtors and creditors;
  • advisory services for members of statutory bodies in relation to their statutory liability;
  • compilations and negotiations of contracts;
  • compilation of materials and documentation prior to the submission of an insolvency motion in order to ensure smooth and quick progress of the insolvency proceedings;
  • representation in court disputes related to insolvency proceedings (incidence disputes);
  • representation during creditor committees, meetings of creditors and review hearings;
  • applications of receivables to insolvency proceedings including motions to appoint a preliminary trustee and other institutes arising from the Insolvency Law, etc.


Debt forgiveness (private bankruptcy of both entrepreneurs and individuals who do not conduct business):

If you are an individual (either an entrepreneur or an individual who does not conduct business) and you need assistance with compilation of insolvency motion together with a motion for the debt forgiveness permission (otherwise called a motion for a private bankruptcy)? PLICKA & PARTNERS will help you with its submission.


Are you obliged to submit an insolvency motion or are you afraid that this obligation will be imposed on you (or your company) and are you an entrepreneur? We will help you.


Are you obliged to submit an insolvency motion and your structure and/or the volume of your obligations or other circumstances make it impossible for you to file a motion for debt forgiveness or reorganization in your situation? Our team of lawyers is able to compile an insolvency motion with a motion for bankruptcy for you.

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