Financial Law and Banking

As for the area of Banking and Financial Law, PLICKA & PARTNERS provides comprehensive advisory services which particularly include a review and compilation of contractual documentation in relation to financing, due diligence and analysis related to the matters of banking and financial services, representation in proceedings conducted in front of regulatory authorities or representation in court or administrative proceedings (including those conducted in front of the Financial Arbiter).

Our lawyers have a lot of experience with provision of services in this legal area, these include especially:

  • legal advisory services in the area of project and acquisition financing and refinancing, both on the part of debtors and creditors (including the preparation of the transaction structure);
  • compilation of documentation related to financing activities, especially loan agreements (including loan agreements under the LMA standard) and securing documents, issuance of legal opinions in relation to financing activities;
  • compilation and review of contracts in relation mortgage loans and pledges of real estate;
  • comprehensive advisory services in relation to assignments of claims;
  • legal advice in relation to securities (including bills of exchange and representation in court proceedings related to bills of exchange);
  • legal advisory services in the matters of bank guarantees (including related legal disputes);
  • representation during negotiations with bank institutions (including legal advice related to the structure of financing business activities of our clients);
  • representation during negotiations with insurance companies;
  • comprehensive legal advice related to consumer loans;
  • legal advice in the matter of dissolving a company voluntarily or through the insolvency proceedings (including aspects of loans and provision of security during the insolvency of a company);
  • legal disputes with debtors and recovery or receivables.
PLICKA & PARTNERS, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.
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