Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property represents in the terms of modern business activities significant assets of an entrepreneur whose significance keeps growing not only in the fields which are based on intangible property and its revaluation (ICT and e-commerce, financing, professional, organization and economic advisory services, etc.). PLICKA & PARTNERS provides its clients who/which engage in protection of their know-how and innovations, copyrights and industrial rights, business name of their company and their entire business image, with appropriate attention, effective legal solutions and advisory services.

Within the area of Intellectual Property Law and related law areas, we provide our clients with the following services in particular:

  • comprehensive management of their intellectual property portfolio (assessment of existing copyrights and industrial rights, de nice strategies and specific protective measures, contractual agenda, representation in front of administrative bodies and against infringers, continuous monitoring);
  • protection and enforcement of copyrights including their on-line use;
  • protection and enforcement of industrial rights (patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and geographical indications) and other rights to intangible property;
  • registration, restoration and protection of domain names;
  • management of court, alternative (arbitrary proceedings, mediation and med-arb proceedings) and out-of-court proceedings and negotiations related to infringements of intellectual property rights in front of both Czech and international bodies;
  • enforcement of claims arising from infringements of rights to protection of personality in the case of individuals and protection of reputation in the case of legal entities;
  • protection of personal data (registration and representation during proceedings in front of the Office for Personal Data Protection, management, procession and archiving of personal data in business practice, resolution of incidents, audit of personal data protection);
  • advertisement law and protection against unfair competition.
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