Court and Arbitrary Disputes

In general, we at PLICKA & PARTNERS attempt to prevent any legal disputes. However, if they occur, we are prepared to provide our clients with high-quality and comprehensive legal services. Our lawyers offer great expertise in representation of clients during disputes in various areas of law (civil, commercial, employment, administrative, criminal, tax, etc.) and within all instances of court proceedings, including representation in arbitrary proceedings.

During court and arbitrary proceedings, our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services which include legal analysis of the matter, our-of-court negotiations, attempts to resolve the matter in the form of reconciliation, compilation and submission of lawsuits or appeals, and representation during court proceedings.

Within the dispute agenda (the so-called litigation), PLICKA & PARTNERS provides the following services in particular:

  • legal analysis of the matter and its potential financial and long-term impacts, while continuous attempts to identify the most suitable resolution for our clients;
  • representation in front of civil, administrative and criminal courts of all instances;
  • representation during arbitrary proceedings;
  • mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution;
  • recovery of receivables, etc.


As part of provision of legal services, our law office further focuses of compilations of motions for interlocutory injunctions in order to protect our client’s rights and legitimate interests. Moreover, we shall point out that PLICKA & PARTNERS continuously cooperates with leading executor offices in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we are also able to secure several above-standard advantages for our clients in the area of executions.

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