Transportation Law

Our law office represents its client and provides them with legal advisory services also in the area of Transportation Law. Our services cover the field of transportation misdemeanors (traffic offenses and other administrative misdemeanors, criminal offenses) as well as all contractual relations and exercising of compensation claims related to transportation in any way.

Our services include in particular:

  • legal assistance and representation in the cases of traffic offences or criminal offenses in transportation (in the cases of confiscation of driver’s licenses or dispossession of driving authorization, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.);
  • representation of injured parties in relation to traffic accidents and exercising of compensation claims against the perpetrators or their employers or insurers, both in additional proceedings which are part of criminal proceedings an in civil proceedings;
  • handling and assistance during cases to mitigate the impacts of the driver’s license confiscation and assistance in the restoration of the driving authorization prior to the expiry of the period during which driving was prohibited;
  • assertion of alternative punishments within the criminal proceedings instead of confiscation of a driver’s license and assertion of diversification during criminal proceedings;
  • defense of persons accused of or charged with criminal offenses related to transportation during criminal proceedings (endangerment of others under the influence of addictive substance, negligent harm to health, failure to provide first aid on the side of a driver, obstruction of execution of an official decision, etc.).


On a long-term basis, PLICKA & PARTNERS cooperates with the Czech Association for the Protection of Victims of Traffic Accidents which we provide with both legal advice and financial assistance. Naturally, we also cooperate with only the best experts and expert institutes in the field of transportation, toxicology, medicine, etc. Thanks to large volume of experience in this area, we are thus able to provide our clients with a wide range of suitable resolutions of the given situation in relation to which the client had contacted us.

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